hunger games au part 2 (part 1) : meeting new people

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I squeeze my eyes shut and try to reach for him across the hundreds and hundreds of miles, to send my thoughts into his mind, to let him know he is not alone.

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You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him.

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You have ten minutes to present your chosen skill.

you can just see the moment she decides “fuck this I will make you pay for what you have done”

And this, too: that Peeta walked into this room (this room where you earn your rank, where you perform for your life against an uncaring panel, this room that helps determine your chance for survival) and said, this, this is my chosen skill.

You are sending me into a doomed field, to do battle against a few dozen strangers and the woman I love, to put blood on my hands and ratings on your networks, and you have asked me to step into this room and show you what I am worth. This is my worth, laid out on the floor, on a bed of flowers. You asked me to be a killer. This is how I kill you. 

But also: that this is about Rue. This is a story about people mattering.Peeta is asked to present his skill, to prove his worth, and the thing he chooses is about someone else. He takes these precious moments of spotlight (the boy is so good at spotlight), and offers them up in Rue’s memory, for her, for himself, for the woman he knows will walk into this room after him. He has stopped caring about survival (he stopped in the first book, the moment they called his name), which leaves him space to decide what matters. This matters. This is how she died: loved, mourned. This is your sin and I will stain your world with it. 

This is about a girl who never grew into a woman. It’s about an honest friendship in the midst of a manufactured murder spree; that in the middle of a war for her life, Katniss Everdeen stopped to mourn, because Rue mattered. It’s about this baker’s boy standing in a room full of weapons and the breaths of desperate, dying children and painting a remembrance of love and loss on the concrete floor. 

In Peeta’s hands, love is a weapon. Katniss fires an arrow at the gamemasters to get their attention, and so does he. 

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